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The first contact with us is for free. During the first contact we clarify how much your legal expenses insurance covers and the possibility to apply for legal aid at government expense.

We have an hourly fee. The current value-added tax is added to the prices.

Our hourly rate depending on the assignment is between 235 60€ to 297,60€ (includes the value-added tax)
*hourly rate by the starting half hours, starting at 117,80€ (includes the value-added tax)

In more demanding matters the hourly rate is higher
* When the task requires work outside of regular working hours, work in foreign language, exceptional conditions or work during particularly busy times.
* When the task is harder**, or handling it requires special kind of expertise, experience or workmanship
* When the service provider has more responsibility than usually for financial or other special reasons

On Saturdays, on Sundays or on Holidays upon the request of the client or when the matter particularly demands the attention on those days, 50% is added to the fee.

Payment in advance:

Down payment is required from the client, when it has been agreed to in the beginning or it is suitable in the light of the circumstances.

Negotiations and correspondence:

Phone consultation (minimal charge for 15 minutes) 62,00€ (includes the value-added tax)
Consultation in the office or at other location
Consultation via letter, email or text messages starting at 62,00€

Other costs

The client pays all the other costs arising from the task.

Separately billed expenses:
Photocopies 0,62€/page (includes the value-added tax)
Fax transmission 1,00€/page (includes the value-added tax)
Kilometers by car 0,60€/km